Frequently asked questions

How much sugar is in Conscious Kombucha?

The original has 9 grams of sugar per 12oz of kombucha, we DO NOT add sugar post fermentation.

What about the flavors?

Our unique flavors are created by mixing 5% fruit juice to the OG. Depending on the sugar content of the added fruit juice, the flavors range between 9 to 12 grams of sugar per 12 oz serving. To view the nutritional information for each flavor, view our online store and select the flavor you wish to know more about.

What is the alcohol percentage?

Our kombucha is considered non-alcoholic since it is under the 0.5% limit, although all naturally made kombucha has trace amounts of alcohol in it as result of the fermentation process. We are required to test our product regularly to ensure we are meeting all standards. This means kids and adults of all ages are able to enjoy our kombucha. If you are pregnant, we advise you consult your doctor before consuming kombucha.

How is Conscious Kombucha served?

Sustainability is part of our educational background, therefore it was important to us that our kombucha assimilate with our principles of sustainability. That is why our kombucha is served exclusively on tap, and packaged in 5 gallon stainless steel kegs. We have custom branded 32oz growlers that our customers refill at our featured locations. We refill our kegs, customers refill their growlers, just like that we made a difference! The more years this cycle continues, the more we prevent waste. Feel good in more ways than one when your drink Conscious!

Where is Conscious Kombucha made?

We have a commercial processed food facility that is located in beautiful Carpinteria, Ca. You can see the waves of the ocean from the front door of our facility. We chose the best place possible for our kombucha to grow and thrive!

Can I get Conscious Kombucha on tap in my home?

Want to impress your guests by offering kombucha on tap at your residence? Depending on your tap requirements and home location, we may be your ideal kombucha provider. Contact us at 805-886-1059 or for more information.

Can I get Conscious Kombucha on tap in my business?

Want to bring something new and exciting to your business? Want to increase sales and generate customer loyalty? Kombucha on tap may be the right fit for your place of business. Contact us at 805-886-1059 or for more information.